Cobweb Bride

This book was provided to me as an ARC e-book through NetGalley and LibraryThing.

I am only an occasional fantasy fan. It’s not that I dislike the genre, not at all. I just find so many books in this genre to require more mental work than I feel like putting into a book. My favorite fantasy books are ones that are so full of atmosphere and good world building that I don’t have to fill in too many blanks.

I found Cobweb Bride to mostly meet those requirements. The atmosphere was very strong, and while I feel that a little more backstory on the world the author built might have helped expand the horizons, and the reader’s understanding of the scale of things, it wasn’t enough to detract from the story.

I enjoyed the story, the interweaving of the separate plots, and the way some of them converged.

Spoilers after the cut

I felt like the description of Death, and his Keep, were particularly well done. I also found myself quite captivated by the relationship between the Infanta and Vlau. That was a fascinating evolution. I also liked the way the author thought things through down to the level of food, and how Death’s edict affected it. I love it when someone thinks things all the way through. I feel like a lot of authors would have missed that point. I liked Percy, a lot. At times she felt a little too capable, but I was willing to forgive it. And I enjoyed seeing Beltaine come to side with the Infanta, and the girls. As much as I dislike his father, Duke Hoarfrost, I find his stance on things makes sense, from his perspective. I also really loved Betsy, and I think it’s a fine name for a horse.

I wish we had been given some more details on a few things though, such as why Percy’s mother was so cold toward her, and also Percy’s sisters, who seemed rather shallowly portrayed. I would like to know more about the spying in and for the Sapphire Court, but I suspect that will come in the next books.

All in all, a good read, and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.


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