Silver Linings Playbook

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more immediately endearing character than Pat Peoples. Within the space of a few pages, I was already attached to him, and that attachment only grew stronger as I continued reading.

 I don’t know if any of this actually constitutes spoilers or not, but I want to be able to freely express my thoughts without worrying about it. Possible spoilers after the cut.

I loved the Kenny G. thing. That was both amusing and touching, once we found out why that particular song tormented Pat so. His devotion to Nikki, and her photo, was also touching, and heartbreaking once the full story emerged.

Everyone in this story was flawed, deeply flawed in some cases, but almost everyone was also lovable, and above all else, human. They seemed so real. The only people who are excluded from that are Pat’s father, and Nikki. They seemed human, of course, but not at all lovable. I suppose, given context, that Nikki’s behavior seems a little more understandable. But not enough.

I’m not a football fan, but I found the way that football, and the Eagles were wound through this story to be a wonderful, real note. I know people who are that devoted to their football and it gave the story an extra dimension.

I also liked Pat’s discomfort over the way Terrell Owens was being treated by the fans, and his deep sympathy for people who had mental health issues. His repeated mantra of practicing being kind instead of right, was another nice touch, I thought. It feels like Pat was incredibly fleshed out as a character, but in an effortless way that made it feel organic for the reader. I admire the writer’s attention to detail, and ability to convey this to his audience. 

It’s a wonderful book, well deserving of 5 stars in my opinion. I can’t wait to get a copy in at the bookstore so I can recommend it. I have a feeling though that it might take a while longer to turn up. Good books usually do.


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